A little of me goes a long way

I get a lot more done in less time than your average Superwoman…

I like to work with clients who are looking for high quality support and who understand the value in outsourcing to someone they can rely on to deliver first class service.  

I offer a range of packages to suit most requirements but if you need a solution tailored to your specific needs, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

Rates – Standard Package

Standard Package

For clients needing ad hoc support during normal business hours, I charge £30 per hour. My time is tracked, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and you receive a breakdown along with your invoice.

Virtual Assistant – Priority Package

Priority Package

For non-retainer clients who need priority support – outside normal business hours or same day service – I charge £35 per hour. Tasks are accepted only if I know I can accommodate them. 

Rates – Retainer Package

Retainer Package

This package guarantees my time for you for an agreed number of hours per month at £30 per hour. You set your budget and always know in advance what you will pay. This package requires payment in advance. 

Rates – Project And Event Package

Project / Task Package

If you have a specific task or project, a fixed price works best.  We can discuss the scope of the task, agree a fee and, that way, you already know in advance what you will pay and can budget accordingly.