Freelance admin, PA and business support

A remote, on-demand solution for you, your business …and your sanity

Helping you achieve more – by doing less yourself

Are you looking for a virtual assistant?

More specifically, are you looking for a tech-savvy, multi-tasking, ridiculously efficient virtual assistant with a passion for providing exceptional service and a belief in going the extra mile when it really counts?

I offer first class business support and a completely flexible solution that works around your needs. I’m versatile, resourceful and 100% reliable. If you need to delegate to someone you can trust, let me help. For all those jobs you don’t enjoy, that take you too long, or you just struggle with – that’s what I’m here for.

I know you can do anything…but you don’t have to do everything. 

Everything you need to know about hiring a virtual assistant

Would you like more time to focus on your business instead of drowning in it?

I work independently, on a freelance basis from my own home, helping busy professionals like you with their admin, business and technical support needs, taking the weight off their shoulders and helping them to maximise their time.

Your time is precious…let me help you make the most of it

If you need to delegate to someone you can trust, who doesn’t need hand holding, is flexible, accurate and can represent you and your business seamlessly – I might be just what you’re looking for.

What do you need help with?

I offer a whole range of services so you can delegate much more than you might think – allowing you to get on with what you do best (and hopefully, what you enjoy).

Freelance admin, office and secretarial support

Full admin support

Love it or hate it, admin is the glue that holds your business together.  If you’re struggling to keep on top of it, I can organise and turn your admin pile around so you look like the model of efficiency!

Remote PA and Secretarial Support

Executive business support

For when you need higher level support, a right-hand woman who’s got your back, someone who can take on more complex tasks and handle your business demands while you get on with what you’re good at.

Freelance Event and Project Support

Project and event support

Got a specific project or event to organise? Need someone to help juggle the multitude of tasks and keep all the balls in the air without dropping any? I was born with a clipboard in my hands…seriously.

Some kind words …

I wanted some technical literature putting together. I provided Jackie with the content and she turned it into something that I couldn’t have done myself. She formatted it, made sure it was free from errors, properly punctuated and grammatically correct. I’ve had nothing but good feedback about it. Brilliant.

I was in complete disarray before I found Jackie. My workload was taking over my life and I just couldn’t keep on top of it. She was an absolute lifeline and has transformed my business (and me!) into a model of efficiency!

Jackie has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time – she has a finger on the pulse, manages my diary, travel arrangements, In Box, any client correspondence I need.  She’s taken the time to learn and understand my business and how I operate.  I don’t know how I managed before but I wouldn’t be without her now.

Jackie has outstanding business support skills, is technically savvy, quick thinking, full of initiative and highly resourceful. She’s a born organiser and ‘fixer’ with a remarkable level of energy and drive.

Jackie is a highly successful executive-level PA and Manager.  She is meticulously organised, IT literate at advanced levels and has a wealth of skills that make her a pleasure to work with. She is brilliant at organising, setting up systems, processes and documentation and produces work to an extremely high standard.

Jackie is a superstar. She’s the most organised person I know and her IT skills are immense. Added to that, she has an enviable knack of being able to streamline processes and set up new systems. Her range of skills make her really adaptable and she is consequently able to support the business in ways that make her very hard to pigeonhole. She’s engaging, a quick thinker and extremely professional. She’s also very resourceful, great at problem solving and sees the positive possibilities in every situation – the word “can’t” is not in her vocabulary.

What I love about Jackie is that she covers a wide range of services that make her extremely versatile and a really valuable resource. Kind of a one-stop-shop really. From a very brief brief (!), she built me a website that I’m really pleased with. It looks brilliant, is totally mobile responsive and I can now happily blog away to my heart’s content knowing that my site will continue to look great. On top of all that, she also offers website management so for a monthly fee she will make sure it’s backed up, updated, and existing content looked after and as a non-techie, that gives me peace of mind. 

Jackie has worked for me over the last 12 months as a VA, providing high level remote support. She is incredibly efficient, very methodical, always happy to help no matter where she is or what day of the week it is. She is also highly skilled with all sorts of IT programs, far and beyond my understanding. Without her help, I would really have struggled to keep afloat and I truly believe she is worth every penny.

 You’ll be amazed what a difference I can make to your workload – not to mention your sanity.